About BitPaper

BitPaper provides a central place where authors can upload their bitcoin/blockchain/technology related whitepapers. Users can then use the site to explore knowledge surrounding the new technology.


The blockchain is an innovative technology that allows for the creation of digital scarcity and can be used to enable many new technology advances.

It was first used in the creation of Bitcoin (a digital form of money which uses the blockchain to establish ownership).

How do you guys make money off this?

Right now, we don't. There may be advertising or sponsorships in the future if our popularity soars.

We consider BitPaper to be a community effort to share knowledge and promote the blockchain technology.


BitPaper is a social enterprise; by that we mean the primary goal is to provide social value. Here the social value is provided through enabling the sharing of useful knowledge within the technology community and to promote the blockchain technology. While more traditional goals, such as financial growth, are important for providing authors and readers with improved tools, these are BitPaper's secondary goals.

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Enjoy blockchaining and bitcoining on bitpaper!

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